About us


Anon Trendz have succeeded in making its presence in the digital entertainment Media and It took almost 5 years to gain the popularity that it receives today. It is now a prime factor in many national and international dialect cinemas like Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu etc.

Anon Trendz is the destination for people to connect to cinema across the globe and acts at the forefront of entertainment.

Now through online movie broadcasting Anon Trendz reaches the world's leading Internet website platforms.

Anon Trendz cinema is about to set its footsteps in a new and consumer friendly method that is to publish the newly released movies on the same day of theatre release.

We are releasing Malayalam movies in overseas theatrical for Malayalis settled outside India and other mollywood fans to enjoy the movie with english subtitle.

We also exhibit the film directly for the home viewing through DVD & VCD release.

Anon Trendz discover, build and develop bands to reach the Global consumer with releasing the audio tracks on their own label. Anon Trendz is also producing their own music albums.

Anon Trendz also reached among children by creating a variety number of animated movies, rhymes, songs, cartoons, alphabets and number learning etc.

We creates a way for other countries and other people to understand and digest our art, culture, creativity etc., by the means of dubbing. we dub Indian cinema to other national and international languages and made easy and accessible by publishing the movies through medias such as YouTube, Website, IPTV, Blog, Facebook etc.


Anon Trendz has become a vital presence in the field of DVD and VCD world. Its remarkable quality not only centers on movies but also in the field of MP3 songs, Devotional songs, Kids cartoons, Albums etc.

We have a team of professionals working round the clock for our customers. We ensure in delivering our product in best quality which is visible in all aspects of our business. We connect and communicate wee with all our customers and we are here for all their needs.


Anon Trendz undertakes audio rights of Malayalam movies, Devotional songs, Albums of all types of music and make them enjoyable through YouTube, juke box, MP3, CDs, Caller tunes, Mobile platform etc..

Anon Trendz launches the music album of malayalam movies by a grand manner and publicity.


Anon Trendz plays an important role in introducing good Malayalam movies in other countries and also helps Malayalam settled outside Indian to enjoy the movie with English subtitle.

Anon Trendz ensure to release the best Malayalam films in worldwide theatres on the same day of their release in Kerala.


Anon Trendz has been releasing Indian cinema through digital media such as YouTube, Website, Blog, etc. not only but also broadcasting movies through internet on the same day of its release.

In the world of the multiplex and billion dollar plus box office receipts, it's easy to forget that not every film comes to every theater. Even films that ultimately go on to make a lot of money at the box office — like Bahubali — often start out in only a few cities. The traditional marketing strategy for these films has been to expand to more and more markets as word of mouth, press and publicity propel the films forward. In the age of social media, however, studios can use the Internet to figure out where an interest in the film exists.

Anon Trendz extensively users Facebook to promote the film, partnering with Eventful to get would-be fans to request a screening of the film in their area. The goal was to get 1 million fan requests for the film to enter wide release. That goal was met pretty quickly, but the real proof came via the box office receipts.

We expect to see the movie industry embrace social media even more in the future. A look at some of the biggest hits at the box office this year proves that many of the most successful films also had strong social media campaigns.


a. Movies

b. Cartoons

c. Rhymes

Aiming for the development of children's knowledge and skills by entertainment Anon Trendz creates varieties of cartoons, songs, activities, stories, alphabets and number learning etc. and publish them. Due to the HD quality, simple language and amazing animation Anon Trendz have become more popular among kids.

A rhyme defined among children is a short poem or song of children.

Here Anon Trendz plays a meaningful role among children by delivering the best animated cartoon, stories, alphabets, number learning and rhymes. Delivering through visual way is the best way to reach and grow knowledge among the children.